No Cooking, Just Heating

I’m not sure if a burner was turned on this week.

Wait, it was. I made frito pie yesterday.

That again was just heating, not cooking.

Wait, it was a little bit of cooking.

It was mainly heating up some cans of chili, but I did embellish a little bit. To the chili I added what was left of leftover salsa. Also added were a bit of diced tomatoes, half an onion diced, a couple of minced garlic gloves, along with a dash of “Slap ‘Yo’ Mama” Cajun seasonings. Almost forgot, we had a variety of cheeses left over. I grated some of the softer cheeses into the mix for a little more flavoring.

After placing some Fritos in our bowls, I topped it off with the chili mix. It turned out pretty tasty in the end.

Perhaps this week I will get back into the kitchen in a more traditional way. Might be a good idea to use a burner or two to put some vittles on the table. I’m off to pull out a few cook books to see what calls to me.

Happy cooking everyone!

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