Evolution of Thought

With the country and world in what seems to be a downward spiral, the future for myself, my children, and my grandchildren, along with everyone else’s, have been on my mind. Everyday we seem to see evermore unChristian-like behavior by people calling themselves Christians.

As we’ve seen the devolution of Christian thought and behavior, I began to wonder if God can have evolution of thought. We saw a shift from the Old Testament to the New Testament. That was evolution of thought.

If he has, how would we know? The Bible has been written. It hasn’t been added to in a millennium. The only changes have been the constant reinterpretation of the original language, or reinterpretation of a reinterpretation.

Has his viewpoint of a woman’s place in society changed? Has his viewpoint of charity shifted? Has his viewpoint of forgiveness turned?

I’ve always had questions about religion and the teachings of the Bible—just ask my mom. I’ve visited many different churches throughout my life. I’ve attended many different denominational services as well. The main takeaway has been to have more questions.

Not sure I’ll ever find the answers, but I’ll keep asking until I do.

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