DCI Gang Time

There’s the Avon band gang, whom we get to hang out with on a regular basis (hopefully more regular soon). Then there’s the DCI Gang, whom we get to see but once a year—every August. My husband has been going to DCI Finals with most of them for over 25 years, meeting at venues, coming from all over the country.

Before our move, the husband would fly off around this time each year. The first year we were together, I was able to join him. School hadn’t started yet. In following years, I either had school starting or we had the kids by then. It was his time to recuperate and rejuvenate as I did when I would go to conferences.

Once we moved to DCI central, it became an opportunity to host everyone at our home. We were able to do so in 2019, and hoped to make it an annual tradition. After that first time, many commented on how nice it was to be able to mingle about. When eating at a restaurant, it can be hard to be able to make time to talk to everyone easily.

2020, as we all know, wasn’t a year to host anyone. DCI was canceled while the whole world was hunkered down.

Then 2021 brought a little bit of hope. DCI was back on, at least in exhibition. The gathering at the house was on again. We were looking forward to hosting again. Unfortunately, the week before the big event, Covid hit very close to home and we had to cancel the get together.

Now it’s 2022. DCI will be back in full competition. Covid is still around, but not the full focus of life anymore. And the DCI Gang will be here tomorrow! It will be nice to see everyone, to laugh, to cajole, and to break bread together. It will be good to see them all, and to see the joy they bring my husband.

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