New Smoker

Tonight I’m going to fanboy on my Hubby!

For the past two years, my hubby has been wanting a smoker. He did his research, compared different brands, and went to visit them at the stores. In the end, he wanted a red Kamado Joe brand. After deciding, it became basically impossible to find. There was one false hope, we thought Lowe’s had one he could order.

He placed the order, and then nothing. Several weeks later, we called to see what was going on. We were told no order had been placed. If I remember correctly, they told us they only had the floor model, which I don’t think they had anymore. ACE Hardware was another retailer close by that was rumored to have some. In visiting ACE, when he was ready to buy, we were told it would take almost a year to get one due to the backlog of orders.

Then miracle of miracles, last week I walked into Costco. As I walked down the main aisle, guess what caught my eye! A little red egg thing jumped out from the corner of my eye. In stopping to confirm it was a Kamado Joe, I saw the price and immediately took a picture to send to him. The wait was finally over. He happily picked it up the next day, and boy is it heavy!

Finishing touches!

Yesterday he had the day off. He said he was going to smoke a brisket. After looking through his smoker cookbook, he decided to switch to steaks, the brisket can take hours to smoke. First though, he had to get the pieces all put together before he could smoke anything. By late afternoon it was ready to go, and so was he. Meaning, he had read some tips for success and watched some YouTube videos (one can learn anything on YouTube) on how to best smoke some meat.

When first looking for the Kamado, he had purchased some toys to go with it, like some wood, charcoal, and an app controlled thermometer. Yesterday he finally got to play with the toys!

I must say for his virgin smoker voyage, one would never have known. The flames were just right, the timing was perfect, the flow was excellent. In the end, all the wait and hard work paid off. The steaks were perfectly seasoned, hickory-smoked, and absolutely mouth-watering tender and tasty. With a side of my home-canned corn, baked potatoes, and a salad, along with Papa’s joining us, it was a first-class meal!

Way to go hubby! Now, when do I get that brisket, and some wood-fired bread? Looking forward to more smoked meals! Love ya!!

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