One Batter, Three Ways

I live on a very nice cul-de-sac where we all get along well, and trade baked goods. If I have extra, I share. If they have extra, they share. It has been very nice to get new things I might not have tried otherwise. Thankfully, my neighbors don’t seem to mind being taste testers when I try something new.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the neighbors made some apple cider cake donuts. They were absolutely delicious. So good in fact, I asked for the recipe when I decided I wanted to make some treats for my team at work. She sent it over and I went to get some ingredients.

At first, I was only going to make donuts. I made a triple batter to ensure I’d have enough to make donuts for at least 20, plus the family. When I finished mixing it all, it was a lot of batter. A lot of batter!

In seeing how much was in the bowl, I decided to do one batter three ways. I started with donuts and made three dozen of those. In looking at my baking pans, I thought the batter would be great for mini Bundt cakes, so I made a dozen of those. With still some batter left, I made a dozen mini cakes. After thawing out some chocolate buttercream icing, I iced the mini cakes.

Since I have a few team members who are gluten-free. I also made a small batch of gluten-free batter. With it I made two dozen mini donuts. Mini ones so I wouldn’t forget which were regular and which were gluten-free.

It ended up being a long day in the kitchen, but worth it. I have a great team and we needed a celebration for completing a very important project.

Let’s just say we celebrated and I came home with far fewer baked goods than I had left with that morning!

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