French Pastry Anyone?

One book, out of the several books I purchased this past weekend, was a cookbook. Gasp! Surprised? Shocked? Thrown for a loop? I didn’t think so.

It was the cover that pulled me in. Any book with a croissant, a tart, and an eclair on it has to be good. With the title of Bake Like A French Pastry Chef, can anyone blame me for feeling I must have the book?

The book is essentially a master class in becoming a French pastry chef. It is a conglomeration of the experiences of a group of chefs working towards receiving a French Pastry certification or something to that effect.

Filled throughout are step-by-step instructions on creating delectable creations. There are also snippets of what a chef-in-training bombed at doing while attempting a recipe. Of course, there are also a slew of recipes and ways to modify a filling or topping.

What also drew me in was the humor. The two main authors, friends from middle school who found one another later in life, decided to learn how to bake. Together they have built a business and a cadre of up and comers. Most of all, they want to share their knowledge with others who want to learn and be better bakers.

It should be a fun book to read and a fascinating journey of discovery. Plus perchance, there might be some things to taste along the way.

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