A Little Me Time

Last week I decided to spend the long weekend in Ohio. Several family members had recent surgery’s of various types. I wanted to check in on everyone, and to say hello to other family and friends. It started on Thursday evenings and carried through into Sunday evening.

All are doing well, thankfully. It was good to have dinner, lunch, and breakfast with the various family and friends during our time together. As one gets older, it is the time together that means the most. I do have to say though, for the time with family, there was one highlight above the rest.

My nephew, whom I don’t get to see often and probably know the least, asked me to join him on a small quest. He wanted to put a video camera up in the woods to see what wildlife was coming through. His invite was prefaced with letting me know it wasn’t muddy outside. I love being in nature, but I don’t like mud.

We loaded up the dune buggy and headed down the trail. It is a time in the forest where the greenery and blossoms are just starting to pop-out. Upon arriving at the place he wanted to hang the camera, we pulled over and he did his thing. I also did my thing—photography—at the same time.

After the camera was up, I had thought we were going to head right back up the hill. Surprisingly, he headed off further down the trail. As we chugged along, he talked about the wildlife he was hoping to see. He also talked about the lay of the land, how different owners treated their land, and just shooting the breeze. The ride was very pleasant, except when moving from road-to-road, those instances were a little scary as he wanted to gun it causing the buggy to wobble a bit. Then the ride would calm down. There was one pit stop, which was to say hello to a couple of guys he knew and to introduce me. All-in-all, it was a very nice drive, great scenery, and a very pleasant afternoon with my nephew.

Saturday I had set aside for me. When you have some of your children still living at home for a variety of reasons, the house almost always has someone in it. The schedules of the husband, and the kids whom don’t go anywhere very often, means no alone time and no absolute quiet time. For an introvert, no alone time and no quiet time is a bit of a recipe for hangry kinds of feelings. As I’ve said many times, thank goodness my husband understands I need to have the alone time and supports me taking time away if needed.

The plan had been to have a day of photography, reading, and leisure. Then Mother Nature decided to send a rainy gloomy day. This meant a little shift in plans. I wouldn’t be able to be outside as much as I wanted with the temperature and the rain, but that was the only little setback.

My day was sleeping in a bit, finishing a book and starting another, reflective photos at Easton, a long while spent and several books purchased from the Book Loft (if ever in Columbus, you must stop by and browse the 32 rooms of books), time along the riverfront, exploration of the Arena District (an area I want to explore more and try some of the eatery’s), ending back at the hotel after grabbing some food and more reading. It was a bit of a walkabout day like I do in New York.

A very low key, relaxing, and wonderfully deliciously alone day! I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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