Religion in Politics

I often ponder if I’m the only person who wonders about religion, politics, Armageddon, and current social constructs.

Did you know there has been a slow decline in Americans who are members of a church, synagogue, or mosque since the 1940s, then a bit of a drastic decline since 2000 (I believe this to be true in most countries around the world)? If we have been paying attention, we would see what I think of as peripheral effects on society. How people treat their pets and animals—kicking, burning, starving; their parents—complete disrespect, lack of compassion, defiant; their children—abusing sexually and physically, killing; and in general, one another—road rage, random killing, lack of compassion, disrespectful. Is there a correlation?

I am not an active member of any religion myself. I was brought up within organized religion though, which has affected how I treat other people. Although I am not a fan of organized religion as it stands today, I do recognize the benefit of organized religion when it “stays in its lane” so to speak. There is something to feeling a part of a larger community, one in which its members are pretty good about helping when needed, bringing one back from the brink, and just the feeling of knowing others truly care about you.

Most religion of today I do not recognize. We have mega churches that seem to be just money makers and high on the hog living for its leaders; this goes for televangelists as well. Denominations that spout the word of Christ, then do everything but follow the actual teachings of Christ. Then we have religious leaders who bluntly and blantantly use the pulpit to actively campaign to limit the rights of women, minorities, and those thought of as “other.”

We also have many more news channels, media outlets, and cell phones to report and record the hypocrisy of our religious leaders. Although we are all human, and to be human is to err. But when religious leaders espouse certain “rules” we need to follow, then are caught doing what they said we shouldn’t partake in doing, it is out there for us all to see and take note of the hypocrisy. We can all see how a leader of a mega church or televangelist lives—think multi-million dollar homes and expensive cars—while hunger and homelessness is rampant in our country. Their problem of moral corruption is right out there for all to see.

All this brings me back to my pondering of Armageddon. There are Bible prophecies about how people turn on religion and its leaders. That this is but one symptom of oncoming Armageddon, and a new system of things, which is also outlined in the Bible. I was taught from a young age Armageddon is close at hand, but I wasn’t sure what it would like then, and still don’t know what it will truly look like. However, are we seeing this happening now, and are our religious leaders, in their need for ever more power and money, hastening us to the end?

I have no answer to that question. I do have wonderings and theories about it though. From my own perspective, I’m thinking our religious leaders are hastening us to the end. What I wonder is, what will it actually look like on the other side, and what will we have to truly endure to get there? What innocents will be hurt along the way?

Not knowing the answers to those last questions is what is so frightening at times.

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