Eight Months To Go

Mid-term elections are just eight months away. An election that will either continue the rebalancing of the American experiment, or help us on our slide toward authoritarianism.

I’m still not quite sure which way it will go. I suspect it will be the slide toward authoritarianism. The Democrats have never been great at telling a great story of their legislative accomplishments. Republicans, on the other hand, have story telling, true or not, down to a science.

Democrats also tend to take their voters for granted. They believe that every minority group will vote for them. Unfortunately, they also cater more to the urban/suburban voter and leave the rural voters to fend for themselves, not taking the electoral college into their calculations. Republicans know their voters well and cater to them at just about every turn, for good or for naught.

Both parties have a habit of conceding certain states to the other party. Democrats continue to do this even when candidates have proven this thinking wrong. Democrats can be elected in conservative areas when the candidates are well organized and have a sincere message to share.

There are several serious things working against the Democrats this year, more than things working for them. The first is no prosecution has occurred towards the significant planners and financiers of the January 6 insurrection. Next is the lack of any significant voter rights legislation meaning more voters will be suppressed, or have their votes tossed, than ever before. Then there is the lack of the human infrastructure bill being passed, which means a large inequity between the working class and the millionaire/billionaire class is still going strong. Finally we have the lack of the codification of the right to an abortion, a right that has been upheld as constitutional until the Supreme Court was taken over by radical conservatives.

There is one sliver of hope I’ve been having lately. That sliver is the 18-30 year-olds voting block. This is quite a large voting block, and they are starting to be more vocal and speaking out about the inequities they see around them. If this block registers to vote, if this block actually shows up at the polls, if this block votes blue as a whole, then the tide may have turned with the young people saying they care about democracy and self-rule. If they are all talk and no action, well, then, as Whoopi once said in a fantastic movie…

“You in danger girl!”

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