To Stand Alone

Feeling for the downtrodden and bullied has always been part of my personality. From the kid no one wanted to play with, to the girl with the undeserved reputation, to groups of people held down through no fault of their own.

The last few days I’ve been feeling for Ukraine and its people. It and they are, in essence, standing alone. Ukraine has some powerful friends, such as the United States, but it is having to stand alone. Since it is not a member of NATO, the West can’t, and most likely won’t, step in to physically help Ukraine and its people.

The West has done, and will do, what it can without actually helping on the ground and air. I most definitely don’t want a Third World War to break out. Frankly, I don’t think our country would do very well since the elected Republican Party Members, as a whole, and its based, are actively rooting for Putin to win. Those fellow Americans are okay with an Authoritarian invading and subjugating a sovereign nation for no reason other than as a show of aggressive domination, of which one-third of our neighbors, friends, coworkers, fellow Americans and Republican leadership are quite okay with occurring. Sad fact is, they wish it had happened here when they planned and implemented an insurrection and attempted coup on January 6, 2021.

How alone Ukraine must feel with no one coming to its immediate aide. Where its friends send gifts, thoughts of keep up the good fight, freeze some assets, but don’t go stand with you side-by-side to beat the tyrant back into his hole, or at least back into his own backyard.

I was wondering if they are feeling like Poland and the Polish people before World War II broke out. When Hitler took the country as his own with very little show of force, and almost no reaction from the rest of the world. And, in doing so, the rest of the world gave Hitler clear indication he could probably do it again with little to no repercussions, which is exactly what he did.

Some may ask if a tiny country like Ukraine is worth fighting a bully about. I mean really, what has Ukraine done for us? What would we get out of defending it with boots on the ground? Gasp, what would it do to our way of life if we might actually have to sacrifice something for the greater world good?

It’s about defending democracy, here and abroad. It’s about showing tyrants and world bullies they can’t and won’t get away with bullying. It’s about showing that it, in modern times (and really at no time), should a sovereign nation invade another for no reason other than a power and resource grab.

I stand with the Ukrainian people and their courage right now in the face of fear, in the face of uncertainty, and in the face of a tyrant with much more military might trying to destroy you. I also stand with President Biden and other world leaders as they have attempted diplomacy, and then in their sanction actions. As much as I do not want war, I will not stand with President Biden and other world leaders, if they allow Putin to continue his invasion and murder of innocent people who have done nothing to deserve this treatment, without exercising all possible options, including using our military to drive him back within his own borders.

My prayers are the sanctions work quickly, that the Ukrainians are victorious, and that the West remains united to the end of the conflict, and that we do not enter a Third World War. My prayers are with Ukraine.

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