Long Day of Travel

Short post as it has been a long day of travel.

Got to airport around 6 for flight at 8:00AM.

Boarded and on time. Then went down hill from there. Needed de-iced.

While that was happening, something odd happened with check oil light and they couldn’t get it back on. We had to go back to the gate.

First we could stay on, then we had to get off. We tried to see about another flight. Then we were called back on the flight. My colleague though had been busy online and got us rebooked.

However, it meant a five hour layover in DC. We finally arrived in New Orleans six hours after expected. Sad we didn’t get to have a good lunch.

However, I did make up for it a bit with some alligator buffalo wings for dinner. They were delicious!

Glad I’m here. Tired as all get out and heading for slumber.

Can’t wait for a good Cajun meal or two while here!

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