Heart Day Is Coming

I’m not saying anything you don’t already know. I have a lot of kitchen gadgets and pans. If I’m in a kitchen store of any sort, I usually leave with something new. It just is how it is.

Mind you, some of these must have gadgets don’t get used for a while. It may be years, but eventually it gets used. Some are more seasonal in nature so only get used once a year regardless.

About two years ago, I bought a hearts silicon pan. It has six small hearts in it. My thought was I could definitely use it for Valentines Day, and maybe another time or two just to say a surprise, “I Love You.” The pan is about to finally be used!

On Monday we are going to have a treat exchange at work. I’d thought about making decorated heart cookies, but they take more time than I have this week.

My original intent of the pan was to make Little Debbie-like cakes covered in a ganache type icing. This is exactly what I’m going to make. The question is, do I make a traditional chocolate cake or do I get with the spirit and make a red tinted yellow cake with chocolate icing? Then, do I just leave a smooth frosting, or do I then pipe some hearts on top as well? I’m also wondering if I want a little surprise filling too? What do you all think?

I’ll probably decide just before I make the recipe, which is how I roll sometimes. If you want to chime in with an opinion, please don’t hesitate.

I’ll post a picture in next week’s post. It may be the entire post as I’ll be at a conference out-of-town. Hopefully they’ll come out as envisioned.

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