Legitimate Political Discourse

This is how the Republican Party is describing and showing their approval of the January 6th Insurrection, “Legitimate Political Discourse.”

A major political party is siding with those who staged an insurrection, those who stormed the Capitol, those who were attempting a coup.

What the Republican Party has said is it is okay to vandalize a government building.

It is okay to break windows and locked doors to enter a building illegally.

It is okay to defecate on the floor and smear it on the walls.

It is okay to build a hanging gallows on the Capitol lawn.

It is okay to work towards hanging a Vice President.

It is okay to work towards doing harm to elected officials.

It is okay to shoot bear pepper spray into the face of police.

It is okay to beat an officer with an American flag.

It is okay to squash law enforcement when they are protecting the Capitol.

It is okay for people to break and enter into elected official’s offices and steal documents and equipment.

It is okay to become violent when one doesn’t agree with the legitimate and lawful results of an election.

Is this really the message you want to send to the masses and to the world? Does this mean what’s good for Republican supporters is also now okay for Democratic supporters?

Is this what you really meant?

If so, please Democrats and Independents, make sure you get yourself registered to vote, and then make sure you get yourself to the polls because this cannot stand!

We can save our democracy, our freedom, our civility, and our soul if we just make sure we show up and vote blue from dog catcher to president each and every election from now to eternity if necessary to get these authoritarian acolytes out of office!

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