Slow Week in the Kitchen

This was an unusual week, meaning I didn’t do very much cooking or baking. With my husband now in-between jobs, he has made most of the meals this week for us.

My call to action was last Sunday’s dinner. As usual, I had a craving or two. This time the cravings were cheese-stuffed shells and old-fashioned apple crisp. Our routine now that the papas are here is to have Sunday dinner together.

Since the weather hasn’t been that great lately, the plan was for me to make the shells and crisp here at the house. When ready we’d transport ourselves and the food to their place to eat.

It was kind of nice to do it that way. We still got to enjoy a good homemade meal, enjoy the conversation, and have lots of laughs too.

Making anything Italian to bring before Papa Joe is always a little nerve-wracking. Being Italian, from New York no less, he knows how true Italian food should taste. Thankfully the meal passed muster.

What was nice as well was it was a joint effort for the meal. Papa Joe provided the bread. He has finessed a great garlic butter mix to put on the bread. If you are in the room while it’s melting on the bread in the oven, your mouth will practically be drooling down your chin. Yes, it smells that good and tastes even better!

The evenings together always go so quickly because we have so much fun. Always a bit of a sad parting, but also always a great memory created.

Hopefully we’ll have many more enjoyable evenings for years to come!

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