The First Thing

Last week I wrote about my new mixer. I had pondered over what to make first. Well, surprisingly, it wasn’t banana bread.

It ended up being blueberry muffins. I had a craving. After they went in the oven, I immediately made some zucchini bread. I had a craving.

Then I made…just kidding. That was it.

Using the new one was definitely an experience. The start-up will take some getting used to though. When moving up the speed, it takes a little while for it to shift into gear, but once it gets going, the power is awesome!

Another thing that will take getting used to is the size of the mixing bowl. My little ol’ ingredients seemed to barely cover the bottom. Doing a double or triple recipe will be a piece of cake.

I have to say with the newfound power, bread is moving to the top of the agenda!

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