The Long Wait Continues

On Thursday we were supposed to go on a small mini vacation. Our plan was to go see our grandson for his second birthday. Things had been calming down Covid-wise when we made the plans.

Alas, there was the rise of Omicron. We are as careful as can be, vaccinated, boosted, masked, and very little going out in public. With all the precautions, we figured it was going to be as safe as can be at this time in history.

Then, last week we received news we were hoping never to hear. Our grandson was having some breathing issues and they were headed to the hospital. A little while later we received the news, he had tested positive for Covid and would be spending the night.

The next morning he was doing better and they released him to go home. Doctor felt it was actually safer to be at home at the moment. With his oxygen levels up, they went home.

Unfortunately, they had to go back again and he was admitted again. This time he was there for several days. He was released on Sunday and remains feeling better.

Because of his health history, we didn’t want to take any risks. We canceled our trip due to an abundance of caution.

It was sad to say the least. We haven’t seen him since he was an infant and we miss him. It would also would have been a time to see our two sons. We haven’t seen them in some time either. Plus, there were several friends we had hoped to see as well.

Oh well, better safe than sorry. Our thought is to try again early Spring. Until then, there is always FaceTime!

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