A Lie is a Lie, Even When Dressed Up as a Fancy Word

Why is it so hard for the media to use the word lie?

The media are fond of the words misinformation and disinformation. Those words just dance around the truth, the facts. When the media use them, they are not being candid with us. They are watering down the truth, which is a great disservice to them, to us, and to Democracy.

Words matter, words have meaning, and to not use direct language perpetuates the lies. The media continues to aid and abet the Republican and the radical rights agenda by not being upfront with us. Just say lie. The Republicans are lying to us. If we aren’t told that directly, then the lie is sugarcoated.

It’s a lie to say Democrats want to take people’s guns. It’s a lie when the Republicans say there was election fraud. It’s a lie when Republicans say they are making it easier, not harder to vote. Trickle down economics is a lie. Republicans saying they would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act was a lie.

I mean really, what have Republican elected officials said that is truth over the last decade? Truth that is backed by irrefutable facts by non-partisan entities.

I’ll ask again. Why is the media, elected Democrats, bureaucrats, and the like afraid to use the word lie?

The Republicans have taken lying and deceitfulness to an art form. Time to call it out by bluntly calling their words and statements what they are, lies.

Come on media and Dems, you can, should, and must do better!

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