Peaches, Peaches, Peaches

Last Friday my good husband picked up my first installment of peaches. He even put them out to begin ripening for me. After just checking, they should be ready tomorrow.

Now to decide what to do with this batch. A few will be put aside to just eat au natural. The rest will have to be peeled and prepped tomorrow, Friday at the latest.

My thoughts are to just put them in the food processor this time. Chop them roughly for a pie. Chop a little finer for cake and to put into a pound cake, and some hand pies. Then purée-ish the rest to save to make jellies, jams, and syrup for later.

I have another batch coming in a few weeks. That is when I’ll really start the canning and preserving process. Time to get out the recipes I liked last year, and throw a few new ones into the mix.

Any suggestions?

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