Better Day Today

A good night’s sleep can help do wonders. I did wake up feeling better today. Tired, but better.

As I went through the day, I came to realize why I was in such a foul mood yesterday (barring some unusual happenings). I like to have a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. The accomplishments don’t need to be large by any means, and usually there is an aspect of work intertwined in the sense of accomplishment.

Recently, there has been a high number of people leaving the area in which I work. It has been hard to find new people, just like everywhere else. Salary ranges have been recalibrated, making the starting salary lower than it was previously. The same as most jobs, the salary will be higher, based upon experience and education, which hopefully people listen to that portion of the conversations.

Just like everywhere too, many of us are pulling extra duties to help make sure the work is done. Just like everywhere, we do the extra duties without extra pay because the work needs to be done. In education, we do so very much because ultimately, we know what we do benefits the students. Educators will do just about anything to make sure our students’ needs are met.

What I realized today is I’ve been feeling like my wheels have been spinning, but not moving forward. My list grows, but doesn’t seem to shrink at all from the day before. Today that changed.

Today I was able to get through all of the applications waiting, which means I’ve reviewed about 95 percent of the new grants. Was able to get the Pre-apps organized and let the other reviewers know they were available. Got caught up on all of my e-mail. Spoke with the higher boss for some clarifications of his thinking. And, got a great start on a new project for the Feds. I felt good about my day when I left for the long weekend.

When I got home, I put together the final two chairs for the dining room (now a matching set for 10), and the coffee table for the basement. The boxes have been sitting in our hallway for a couple of weeks, so it was good to get things together and the boxes out of the way. I even cut the boxes down to put in the recycle bin. I finished by tidying up the basement, putting away a folding table and chairs we finally have room for in the crawl space.

I’m no longer mad at the world as a whole, and in a much better space than yesterday. Thank goodness!

Now, let the long weekend begin!!

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