One of Those Days

I almost didn’t write tonight! However, although my mood is sour, I wanted to honor my goal of posting every day for a full year. Being that day 365 will occur in July, it felt I would be letting myself down if I skipped, being so close to reaching the goal.

I’m not sure if I will continue everyday after that, or cut back to two or three days a week. Blogging has been my outlet during the pandemic, and quite cathartic at times. I’ve also gained a fair amount of followers and I’ve enjoyed the comments since I’ve been writing on a consistent basis. My next goal might be to see how to increase my readership over the new next 365 days.

Back to one of those days. Do you ever, all of a sudden, just get mad at the world in general. Mind you, there have been some events of the past few days to give one a reason to be upset. Maybe those factors all came to a head with the thing that was the last straw, but in general, nothing untoward to me personally, just events within my inner orbit.

I’m sure a night of rest will help my mood, plus we have a long weekend coming up. My plan is to pamper myself, along with some necessary chores like mowing the grass and tending the garden. However, in general, I plan on reading, going to a movie or two, putting together some furniture, and possibly taking many long naps. It has been a tough month, but as I often say about many things, “This too shall pass.”

Please, let it pass quickly.

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