Forgiving Females

You all know how I have random thoughts and questions of a deeper nature, or at least seem of deeper nature to me.

Today’s random deep question was about God and women. We know from the Bible all about Eve and her falling to temptation, and her temptation of Adam. She, and apparently all women, have born the fault of this decision for several millennia.

The God I believe in encompasses forgiveness, caring for others, and love.

Which is why I’m wondering how long it is going to take Him to forgive Eve and all women. Haven’t they paid long enough. All, what I would call major, religions have women as being less than, subordinate to men. Even at Armageddon time, the 144,000 chosen ones, and the elders of the new world are all men. Haven’t women proven how strong, resilient, and brave they are by now to deserve a place at the table?

Women have often been called the weaker sex. But, if you think about it, it took Satan, quite a powerful charismatic fallen Angel, to tempt Eve to eat the forbidden fruit using all his wiles.

Adam, who could have said no to the temptation, didn’t do so, and he seems to get no blame.

Why is that?

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