Protocols, Policies, and Procedures

Protocols, policies, and procedures (the Ps), are all part of large systemic processes. These are things I think about each time a decision needs to be made.

To decide, one must see what has been codified in one of the Ps. Those Ps are not always evident. Sometimes it is just a practice that has been in place for years, but no one knows why. Often no one even knows how it came about, it just is.

For a P that falls into the category of, “it is just how it’s done,” that is the most frustrating, especially when it hinders progress. If the P made sense and was effective, then yes, let’s continue. However, if it doesn’t work, and everyone know it doesn’t work, but we still must follow it just because, then it’s time for a change.

The change is the hardest. We all get in our ruts and routines. Any shift can make us uncomfortable. Learning a new habit takes time that we may not want to bother. Going deeper, it usually is because a person, a department, a business, or an employer just doesn’t want to do the work. To do the hard look in the mirror and truly reflect upon the P. Reflecting can be even harder if you had a hand in developing this now arcane archaic relic of the past (even if the past was just last year).

Why is it difficult to think strategically on how to best move forward? Why is it difficult to think four steps ahead of where we are? Why is it difficult to critically think about possible unintended consequences?

To move forward in the best and most effective way takes courage. It can also help ones bottom line. Quite possibly it would even help retain and recruit necessary talent.

I wish more companies, governments, and societies would take the leap.

What a better place the world would be.

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