Eagle Sightings

Over the past few months I have had three bald eagles sightings. Throughout the course of my life, I had never seen a bald eagle in flight, and only really seen one while visiting a zoo.

The first was in Iowa on my way to visit a dear friend. As I was driving along, something caught my peripheral vision. When I looked over, there was this majestic bird at eye level gliding over the corn fields. Just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. I was in awe for the remainder of the drive.

The second was last Saturday while swinging on a friend’s porch. We hadn’t seen one another for almost a year due to Covid. Again, movement in my peripheral vision caught my attention. The eagle was flying very high in the sky and I wasn’t sure it actually was an eagle. The friend’s husband got binoculars and confirmed it was the majestic bird.

Then yesterday, on the drive to my mom’s, again off to the side I saw movement. In looking over, I there was yet another eagle flying across a field.

This last sighting got me to wondering, might these sightings have meaning. Were there any myths or legends that there might be a message the universe was throwing at me, literally hitting me over the head with it actually?

Basically, with help doing the research by my hubby, what it boils down to is change. The eagle basically is a reminder, or a sign, change is imminent. One can either be the eagle or become the prey. In those terms, it is better to be the eagle.

The crux of it all is, what is the imminent change? Are all of the sightings connected to one potential event, or is it three different events?

There are several areas of change, or potential areas of change, occurring in my life right now. The book, the interview, my children, cooking/baking, or something I don’t know that I don’t know.

In speaking with a close friend this morning, in a meaningful deep conversation about life, that is when I had the flash of maybe it wasn’t just one thing, but many. I’m allowing for openness and contemplation for clarity and focus. My gut, my intuition, is leading me in accepting what I already know is most likely the truth.

Now to get my logical brain in sync with my instinctual brain. I’ve come to a fork in the road, which path shall I choose?

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