Lafayette Walk About

17,705 steps, 8.20 miles, 17 flights climbed.

Those are the stats from my Activity Rings today on my Apple Watch. I closed all the rings and then some.

As I often do in a new city, I woke up this morning wanting to do a walk about. My walk about adventures started several years ago during our first New York trip. My process is to get up early before everyone is milling about. The aloneness allows me to get pictures often unfettered of other people and vehicles.

I’ve never been to downtown Lafayette, or rather Historic Downtown Lafayette, which sits along the banks of the Wabash River. It is the county seat and is thought of as the home of Purdue University. The University is actually across the river in West Lafayette.

What is different about downtown Lafayette is the number of murals littered throughout. Some are so obvious you can’t miss them. Others are a bit off the beaten path such that, if you aren’t paying attention, you just might walk right by them and miss the stories of those murals. Here is but a sampling.

Another interesting aspect of the downtown were the number of old painted billboards. Some have faded over time, almost lost to history. Others are as clear as day, as if newly painted.

There are also art installations scattered about.

And a few interesting things and reflections.

It was a very relaxing and soul cleansing day. I’m glad the weather cooperated, and the Historic Downtown lived up to its name.

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