On Vacation!

Although it will be a staycation for the most part, it is still vacation time! I was able to get everything I needed to accomplish at work before leaving for the day. In fact, I was able to start on a project that has been on the back burner for that day when I have a moment. Now I have little to worry about for the next week, at least work wise.

The first thing I’m doing, thanks to a very understanding husband, is have some much needed alone time. I need a moment of rejuvenation time (much like I described yesterday). I’ve not strayed far from home, but I’m alone with no set agenda.

Since I never travel without books, I brought the two I’ve been reading, plus a few magazines that were on my pile. I know I’ll do some reading since I make a point of reading at least a little every day. I also brought the book I’ve been working on.

It has been on my mind ever since I received the feedback from trusted friends and colleagues. Procrastination hasn’t been the issue, it has been fear, fear of the unknown, fear of it working, fear of it not working. So, it is far easier and safer to let it sit, but prominently to where I see it everyday as if to say, “I’m not going anywhere, get to it.” This week I’m going to get to it.

Otherwise, the week will hold some gardening, some yard work, some walks, and of course, some baking. Since my understanding husband has also taken some days, we plan on a couple of day trips together. We still aren’t ready to make any major trips involving airplanes, but getting away and exploring the area should be fun and relaxing.

We are hoping our next vacation will be to see our grandson, followed by a trip to New York with the Papas—miss them all! Until then, we’ll enjoy this one.

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