Shot Happy

Tomorrow is the first big personal day of 2021. We are going to get our first shot of the Moderna vaccine!

I had been very excited to hear the news of when some of my friends, siblings, and family were getting theirs. They are first responders, health care workers, and in the higher risk group. There was definitely a sense of relief after each of their second shots with no side effects.

What I didn’t imagine was how exciting, and anxious, I am about my husband and I getting our shots. It is a big day. One I’ve been wanting to happen sooner than later. Yet, it begins the path back towards some semblance of normality.

This march towards normalcy is such a great path. What is the anxious part is the starting to partake in society again. Being at home, with very little in-person interactions, has felt very safe. So far, Covid has kept somewhat of a distance. Somewhat because a few friends and family have had it, and thankfully they have recovered. Normalcy means going out to eat again, going to the movies again, hanging with friends again, and going back to the office again.

All of these are things to look forward to with some trepidation. Eating out and going out will feel strange, especially while still wearing a mask, but we’ll be out of the house. It will be nice to see more than the walls of our home, even as great of a home as we have.

Going back to the office is something I’m not looking forward to doing. Not because I don’t like my colleagues, but because I don’t look forward to the drive again, or losing my window office, or not being able to pet my dog whenever I’d like, or not being able to have lunch with my husband everyday, plus I’ve been as productive, if not more so, working from home. There are no distractions in my home office and I can catch a cooking show, a podcast, or even the news shows while conducting my duties. All of that will be lost being back in an office setting. It also means having to get dressed up again, I’ve enjoyed my casual dress days working from home. In speaking with many of my colleagues, I know of none who are chomping at the bit to be back in an office setting.

Then there is the getting together with friends. The CDC just came out saying it is okay to have small maskless gatherings as long as everyone has been vaccinated and are past the two week period after the second shot to be fully immunized. Will this mean we only have vaccinated friends over so everyone remains safe? Do we invite everyone and those who haven’t been vaccinated must wear a mask while being with everyone? Do we just not have anyone over, or do we do it outside while also maintaining social distancing? What should the protocol be so that friendships can be maintained and everyone continues to be safe and well?

I will admit I had a little fantasy of finally being able to have some people over for a small dinner party around our new table. It was chosen and sized specifically to be able to entertain both small and large groups of friends. Having it covered with food, friends around it, everyone laughing and having a good time seems heavenly after all we have been through the last year.

Let’s hope everyone is able to get their choice of vaccine soon to be able to get back to living life to the fullest.

Go get your shot(s)!

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