No TV = More Accomplishments

It has now been over a week since I went on a TV news hiatus (well, it really has been a TV hiatus in the end). I am still watching Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, etc., but not nearly as much. The great thing about watching on streaming is no commercials, and no commercials is a good thing!

Just tonight I surprised myself on what I was able to do from the time I got off work until now.

Trinity and I sat outside and enjoyed the sun for a bit. I was reading Pasta Grannies off and on in between a little resting of my eyes. It is a routine she and I have when the weather is nice. We do sit outside and read when a little chillier. It just means we are wrapped in coats and blankets while we do. Either way, it just feels good to be outside.

After reading a bit, I took my second bike ride in about 10 years around the neighborhood. I’d forgotten two things: 1) How relaxing it can be just pedaling away; and 2) The muscles one uses in riding a bike that just aren’t used as much when walking. One of our sons put got our bikes in working order recently, so a thank you to him for making it possible.

When I got back, it was time to make dinner. I had my mind set on something apple-ish for dessert. In looking through my old-fashioned recipes books that focused on apples, I found an apple crunch recipe that looked delicious (and it was). We had it with what was left of the vanilla ice cream I made last week. The dinner was salmon smothered in my canned peach pear sauce, roasted potatoes, and the last of my canned green beans. Fairly healthy to make way for the apple crunch.

The last of my goals for the evening was dividing the bulk hamburger we got at Costco to freeze. I got out my vacuum sealer and measured the meat into six one-pound bags. The other was to chop up the fresh fruit we had on hand for fruit salad before it all went bad. I’d thought about making chocolate covered strawberries with my daughter, but it was getting late. We’ll do it tomorrow for a tasty treat later.

There were two other things on my list, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. One needs some time to relax as well. Plus, I need to pick out my next book as I finished Just as I Am by Cicely Tyson last night. I’ve a stack to read, so we’ll see what calls to me this time.

Not sure when my TV hiatus will end. Even when it is over though, I still plan on being judicious in what I watch and how much time I allow for it. The days are getting longer and my garden is beckoning. Thank goodness I do have other places to get my news fix and in a much more expedient manner.

Now go turn off the TV, even if just for tonight.

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