A “Duh!” Moment

I like to make as much of my meals from scratch as possible. That way I know what has gone into them, no worries about preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup, costs less, and generally tastes better.

Meatballs have been on my mind the last week. I use Papa Joe’s recipe as my base, and go a little rogue here and there. Usually I use three or four different types of meat in them, anything such as ground beef, ground turkey or chicken, sausage (mild or hot), ground bison, and this time, ground carne adovada (although I thought I was thawing out chorizo).

This past weekend, while out and about checking out meat stores (which I already wrote about), I kept looking for some ground chicken. Golden Cleaver didn’t have any, Fresh Thyme didn’t have it, and neither did the Meat Shop.

While at the Meat Shop, I got hit with a duh! moment. I remembered I have a meat grinder attachment for my stand mixer. It didn’t matter if I couldn’t find ground chicken because I could grind my own.

That is exactly what I did this evening. I ground up the carne adovada, and some chicken tenders, at just the size I wanted. After adding these to my ground beef and sausage, I had the perfect combo for this set of meatballs.

After throwing in some onion, garlic, bread crumbs, an egg, fresh parsley, basil, thyme, oregano, and some salt and pepper to taste, it was ready for some hand mixing. When it all came together, I got out my smallest cookie scoop and went to town rolling out meatballs—87 to be exact. For this batch, I decided to make them smaller like the ones I saw the Pasta Grannies make. Some went into the freezer for later, the rest are for dinner tomorrow.

I’m going to throw caution and fear to the wind for Thursday’s dinner, to go for an all homemade pasta meal. The homemade meatballs are ready, the canned pasta sauce is ready, homemade bread is in the breadbox, and I’m going to give it a go at making some fresh pasta.

Hopefully I can channel my honorary Italian grandma’s spirit to make it all come together!

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