Big 10!

No, I’m not referring to football or The Ohio State University. I’m referring to pounds. Actually, it’s 11 (and a belt notch), but Big 10! sounded so much better.

As with so many, having to shelter in place for the past year has put a damper on my activity and my gym going. I was going to the gym on a regular basis up until things started going downhill with Covid. Then, when we had to stay home to stay safe, that put another damper on the movement I had being achieving.

Plus, loving to bake, and I was baking a lot (well, I still am baking a lot), I was also eating a lot. After all, a fancy baked cake won’t keep forever. The flip-side is, I make most of our meals from scratch, using fresh ingredients, which helps balance it somewhat.

Needless to say, I gained more pounds than I care to say. It was affecting my self-image, the fit of my clothes, and my health according to my doctor. What finally brought it to a head was facing the scale fear and weighing myself. When I saw I was close to the heaviest I’ve ever been, enough was enough for me. I want to be around to see my grandson grow up, see my children thrive and grow into mature adults, and spend many more years with my husband.

I decided, despite the cost hurdle in my mind, to give Noom a try. We’ve all seen the ads and heard the testimonials. It is, in my mind expensive, and I go into sticker shock on each payment day. The thing is, it is working. I am changing habits, and on the set-back days, because there will be set-back days, I don’t get derailed. The psychology of it, the individual coach, and the group support has been worth it.

And today, my husband told me I’m starting to look skinnier. He’s so good to me!

I have about six more pounds to go to meet my goal. If I push it, and feeling it, I may go for an extra two pounds. First things first though, keep the course, get it down, and keep it down.

I can do it!

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