Thanksgiving in February

My holidays must be off. First it was Christmas in July (or close enough), now it’s Thanksgiving in February.

Well, the Christmas in July was my Pampered Chef Party. Thanksgiving was a deliberate delay. It was my hope I’d be able to have at least my mom over to break bread with us. Originally, before Covid got even more out-of-control, our plan was have my family over to break in the new table, see the new house, and most importantly, to just hang out. 2021 is a new year, so maybe we can make it happen in nine months.

It was a lovely day spent in the kitchen. We had most of the usual things, minus the sweet potatoes, but adding in pork in red chili (a New Mexico staple). We had the turkey that has been hogging our freezer since November, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, corn, green beans, pork in red chili, salad, homemade rolls, and Papa Joe’s famously delicious sausage stuffing (he has handed the recipe down to me, and hopefully someday I can hand it down to my children). For dessert, it was homemade apple pie and homemade vanilla ice cream. Overall, a very filling meal.

The only downside to the day, as with any large dinner or party, is the clean-up. I did have a little help from my kids, and a whole lot of help from my husband (thank you!).

Only one thing would have made the day better, having my kids and their significant others, my grandson, and all of my large family in attendance. 2021 is another year, there’s still time.

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