Shaking My Head at Democratic Leaders

I just don’t get it. I’m wondering if I’m just too dense to understand or what I’m missing.

My brain keeps going over and over the facts. President Biden is President. Nancy Pelosi is in charge of the House. Chuck Schumer is in charge of the Senate. Which, I believe that means, since Kamala Harris is the tie breaker in the Senate, the Democrats control the three areas of the government able to provide immediate relief to the people of our country.

And yet. Yes, and yet they seem reluctant, and for a few of the Senators, a tad bit belligerent against getting things done.

President Biden wants unity. Many of us want unity, but personally, I don’t want unity at the cost of getting things done for the American people. I’m not into working that hard for unity in the Congress because that just isn’t going to happen with the current crop of Republicans and seditionist sympathizers serving; besides they should be coming to you for unity, not the other way around. So Joe, let it go. The American people are paying more attention to what you are doing for us, not what you are doing for the cronies in Congress. We will remember you for how you improved our lives and brought unity closer to home. Our concerns are not about unity between Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

President Biden does seem to want to help the American people, but apparently, at least as of today, that doesn’t mean he will go all out for us, which is a mistake. He should, since it seems he has the power to do so, to wipe out $50,000 worth of student debt. I paid off the student debt I had, but that doesn’t mean I’m bitter about others getting debt wiped away with the stroke of a powerful pen. I don’t care if some rich students will also benefit as they too are Americans. I do care about people then being able to spend the money they were paying on student debt to buy cars, buy a house, buy other consumer goods, invest or save, or even travel. The money will be put to good use that will in turn help generate demand for products, which last time I checked, means more jobs will be generated, thus creating more income to be spent, creating more jobs. Just do it Joe, it benefits everyone!

Senator Schumer says he wants to help the American people by passing a $15/hour minimum wage. However, he has signaled he won’t overrule the Parliamentarian as she has ruled against the increase in minimum wage being a part of reconciliation. Guess what Senator Schumer, the American people don’t really care about this ruling, especially if you have the power to overrule it. What we care about, as a collective, is earning a living wage, our kids earning a wage in which they can live there lives independently, and be able to afford a few things currently out of reach. An increase will benefit us all in the long-run by again creating jobs because, unless we are in the top 1%, we actually spend our money. I’m not sure what you need to say to Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema to bring them into line to support it, but you better figure it out fast. The $15/hour minimum wage was a huge promise with huge dividends, but if you don’t get it, I wouldn’t expect you to be Senator Majority Leader after 2022. (Added correction note: It is the Vice President who has this authority.)

Senator Schumer’s other main priority needs to be the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. In order for the Democrats to maintain a majority in Congress, maintain the White House, and begin to reemerge as victors in state and local races, the Act must be passed immediately after the National Relief Act is passed. Many people, and majorities of People of Color put their necks out to get Democrats elected. As a show of good faith towards them, and all disenfranchised voters, by demonstrating you value our votes, and our Democracy. When everyone who wants to vote can vote, when gerrymandering is dismantled as a weapon, when barriers to voting in a manner one decides upon for themselves—mail-in, drop-off, or in-person—is allowed, when early voting is permitted for all people in similar manners, and everyone has the right to register the day of an election, then we will know we truly live in a representative democracy because then, and only then, will every vote truly matter.

Speaker Pelosi seems to be about the only leader who is actually intent on using the power provided to her in productive ways to not only help the American people, but also to help maintain and sustain Democracy. I’m not quite sure why it seems our elected women have the gumption and assertiveness to get things done that the old white men than fail to follow-through on. I don’t always agree with Speaker Pelosi as I’ve often written, but since the new Congress has been sworn in, she has been on it. Kudos to you Madam Speaker.

Democratic leaders, you have been elected as the majority party. Democratic leaders, you have been provided much power. Democratic leaders, much is expected of you. Democratic leaders, stop acting as if you are still the minority party. Democratic leaders, start doing the peoples work to improve the lives of us all, especially those who have been left behind for years, even centuries. Democratic leaders, if you don’t get busy, if you don’t starting owning the power bestowed upon you, then don’t expect to be the majority party for long.

Democratic leaders, there are only 621 days until November 8, 2022. That may seem like a long time, but you know it will go by so very quickly as 36 days have already passed since you became the majority party in Washington.

Time to cut to the chase, show us you deserve to lead, and that you truly care about the American people and all of our pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

621 days and counting.

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