Super Bowl Break

As are millions of people, my family is watching the Super Bowl, safe at home and just those of us who live in the same house.

To be transparent, I watch for the commercials, and sometimes for the half-time show (but not this year as I have no idea about the performer). I did enjoy the young poet Amanda Gorman as much I did watching her at the Inauguration.

It’s the cost of the 30-second commercials that gets me. The cost is something akin to $4,000,000 for 30-seconds. I just keep thinking how many hungry people that would feed. How much homeless housing might be built. How many classrooms could be brought into modern times. How many college fees could be paid for low-income students. How many domestic abuse shelters might be built. How many Meals on Wheels might be provided. How many people might be covered for healthcare. How many, you fill in the blank of a worthy cause.

Paying that much for a commercial when there is such a need in the country, and the world, is just obscene, and might even to so far as to say, morally corrupt.

As I write this, I also wonder about what it means about me in watching for the commercials? Could the commercials cost less so the corporations could donate the savings to worthy causes, or maybe the network receiving the funds might donate 90% of the cost of the commercials as a whole to worthy causes?

Time to reflect.

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