Nashville Bombing is Another Scary Story

As I read through the Washington Post story this morning about the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville, I, as have many others, have wondered what was the point of it.

The bomber provided a warning that sounded first like gunshots to get the police involved. Then gave another warning telling people to evacuate and how long they had to evacuate. To me, this shows the bomber wasn’t out to kill anyone as most suicide terrorist bombers do. It was the location that caught my attention.

The bomb was set off outside an AT&T transmission building. The story reported the resulting blast knocked out cellular service, which is bad, but not life threatening in most cases. It also knocked out around 20 9-1-1 call centers.

This, to me, is the larger story. It feels like a test run for an organization intent on creating chaos to which the police cannot respond because their communications will be down. My worry is this test run, which seems to have been fairly successful based on the Washington Post details, will occur again. I worry it will occur again on a much larger scale by trumplicans, maga nation, anti-government, or white supremacists to disrupt the inauguration of Biden/Harris. Or, will these potential attacks occur prior to the inauguration to enable the lame duck to declare martial law in an attempt to maintain power.

Any of these scenarios are no longer as far-fetched as I would have liked to have thought even a few months ago.

If our elected leaders—trumplicans, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents—do not step up to lead, call out, and stop this madness, and if we the people do not step up, call out, and help to stop this madness, then our way of life will most likely, in all probability, come to an end. Then I worry too, those of us who have spoken out, stood up for what is right, and taken action may be silenced.

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