Will Anyone Come to Save Us I Wonder

I can’t get that question out of my mind. Will anyone come to save us if the lame duck’s coup attempt succeeds?

Have we, the people, earned enough of the pity and sympathy of the free world to want to help us? Or will they turn a blind eye to all that is happening to us as the world did to what was happening in Europe when the Nazi’s came to power?

Will any country take the risk of the lame duck and trumplican fury to help us? Or will the power of our spending be more than they can resist to stand up to tyranny?

Will the non-white, non-straight, non-Christians be worth enough as humans for other countries to intervene on their behalf? Or will the threat of nuclear bombs curtail an attempt?

If our democracy falls, will the remaining democracies fall as well. Will the grand experiment of self-rule be an utter and complete failure? Are societies such that institutions can be built, but not sustained?

Have we fallen so far as humans we, as a collective, are okay with human suffering? Okay with hunger? Okay with sickness and ill-health? Okay with homelessness? Okay with illiteracy? Okay with torture and violence? All of which are part of authoritarian rule.

Will anyone, if needed, come to save us I wonder?

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