Will We Survive 32 More Days?

This is a very serious question. Will we survive 32 more days?

Over the past couple of days, the lame duck, listening to someone who had, or maybe still has, a job that was to help a foreign country look better to the United States. In fact, many of the lame duck’s former employees seem to run in this circle. This man, Flynn, has floated the idea to the madman in the White House to use the military to overthrow the election.

Overthrow the election, but only the presidential race. And, the trumplicans are playing along with this idea. Several senators have already said they will contest the vote of the Electoral College, as has several House members. After all, 126 House members signed an amicus brief in support of Texas suing swing states and Georgia over voting for Biden.

Never in my life did I ever believe we would actually have a coup attempt. I knew it was possible from my study of history in the era of Hitler. In my mind, I always felt we would have learned from that history, and our checks and balances would be strong enough no one would ever attempt to do so.

I was wrong. We’ve ended up here because the trumplicans are power hungry, the Democrats are weak, and the trumplicans know and use this weakness to full effect.

The Democrats blinked over Al Gore. They blinked at 9/11 and civil liberties. They blinked with the Iraq War. They blinked with oversight of our banking systems. They blinked when the lame duck broke laws, precedents, and norms left and right. They blinked when their subpoenas were ignored. They appear to be blinking over the current Covid-19 relief bill. They blinked over De Joy, Bill Barr, and Merrick Garland. They appear to be blinking in holding the lame duck accountable if his coup attempt fails. They appear to be blinking over the coup attempt. The trumplicans may be at fault, but the Democrats do an extremely lousy job of holding them accountable.

Will we survive another 32 days? Or, will the world’s oldest longest democracy fall over a 70-some year old immature infant who wants all to bow down before him and the support of old white men (and women) who care nothing for people. People who have no moral compass other than greed and power.

Who will win this battle for our democracy?

We’ll know the beginning of an answer if we survive the next 32 days of the lame duck tyrant and his narcissistic, psychopathic, sociopathic, band of malfeasants.

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