Puzzles and Books

A puzzle is like a good book. Each is one of those things where I sit down and think I’ll read for a few minutes, or just I’ll just work until I find that one piece. Then before I know it, it is two hours later. That is what happened this evening with our current puzzle.

Usually we work on puzzles, which we’ve done quite a few during last winter, and then over the summer due to hunkering down due to Covid, during whatever is left of our lunch hour. However, I’ve noticed as we get closer to having the majority of pieces linked, we start doing a little bit in the evening. It seems the closer we get to being finished, the faster we want to feel success in seeing the whole picture of the fruits of our labor.

We also now have a stockpile of puzzles gathering dust. I like to give our finished ones to my mom. Unfortunately, our most recent puzzles have been 1,000 pieces and would take up more room than her table will allow. I’ve also donated some to my sister’s library in the past, but with Covid, it is closed to visitors.

My mom had suggested looking into possibly donating to a local nursing home or an assisted living facility. I believe that is what I’ll research. I’m not sure if they will accept them, or even if they are allowing residents to be up and about in a recreation type room.

I’d rather the puzzles be used than sitting around. They have brought us pleasure, stress, relaxation, and a sense of success over the last year. It would be nice to allow others to have all those feelings as well, especially during Covid and the winter weather.

If you know of any place accepting puzzles, let me know so I may contact the head of the facility. I might even consider shipping puzzles anywhere within the U.S.

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