About to Launch

Tomorrow, barring any unforeseen events, we will have our third child graduate. It hasn’t been easy, as it never is, but they have made it to, and over, the finish line. We are proud of their accomplishment, and for taking the initiative to be able to graduate early in the midst of a most unusual senior year.

The next chapter in their young life will begin tomorrow, with another one starting next month for their 18th birthday. As with most teens, they aren’t quite sure what the next steps will be other than wanting to work, move out to be on their own, and get a car. Again, common goals for a graduating senior. Although college is not going to happen right away, it has been part of the conversation for later in life, essentially after taking a break from school first.

Just as we do with our other children who have launched into life, we will worry as this next chapter starts. And, we also understand the pull to be out from under the eyes of parents and making one’s own life choices. As parents, we will always be here to offer advice when asked, guide if requested, but to always love.

Congratulations to our senior! May your last day of high school be a great and memorable one!

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