Caucus with Dems

Senators Murkowski (AK), Cassidy (LA), Romney (UT), Sasse (NE), Rubio (FL), Collins (ME), Toomey (PA) have all explicitly said Biden is President-elect. Several have called Biden to congratulate him. However, as a whole, “Republicans,” have been neither gracious nor respectful in recognizing and acknowledging Mr. Biden’s accomplishment.

As of this writing, the most important “Republican,” Mitch McConnell has not publicly stated, nor congratulated, Biden. He has continued to essentially say nothing and alludes to the possibility the lame duck has not lost as yet.

Since it appears there may be some mature “Republican” adults left in the Senate, I think it is an urgency to them them stepping up a little higher. They need to let McConnell know that if he does not recognize Biden as President-elect, they will immediately caucus with the Democrats, thereby effectively relieving McConnell as majority leader.

Should they do this more mature adult action, they will then allow the Senate to begin moving on legislation to help Americans in dire need of assistance just to survive. Doing so will also allow them to begin sanctioning the lame duck for decisions being made, such as withdrawing from treaties without consulting with Congress as required. It will allow them to act in a bipartisan way to move towards slowing the spread of Covid-19.

It is far past time for the more mature members of the Senate to place country over party, and to take back the power constitutionally granted to Congress as a whole. To begin actually being a check on the lame duck. They need to step up before the lame duck takes the country down, acting like a two-year old temper tantrum, acting with spite because he lost the election, and lost by a landslide.

Enough is enough. Murkowski, Cassidy, Romney, Sasse, Rubio, Collins, and Toomey, please step up. Four years, nay 10 years, of this nonsense is far too long. Someone needs to hold your colleagues accountable, and someone needs to help the country which each of you took an oath to protect.

Well, I can’t think of a time in recent history in which, the country, and we the people, need more help than we do right now.

Please, I beg of you, do the right thing, not the party thing. Act, and act now!

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