Crying Over Chess

Who knew watching a show about chess could be so exciting!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch yet, you should, no must, watch The Queen’s Gambit. It follows the life of a female chess player from a young age, to coming of age in an orphanage, to her debut on the world’s stage of chess during the 1960’s.

The young ingénue kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. She will lead you up and down the peaks and valleys of her life. Many times you will want to shout at the TV, “What are you thinking?,” as once again she becomes her own worst enemy. Then want to hug her as she once again triumphs over the men who mistakenly don’t see her as a threat or a challenge to their own detriment.

As it leads you through her travels from small town Kentucky to Las Vegas, Paris, and Moscow, the show plays your emotions like a fiddle. The last 15-minutes of the series is the most touching, with the last five-minutes bringing me to tears. If you aren’t also in tears at that moment, then please, check your pulse.

It is a limited series on Netflix with only seven episodes. Those seven hours are well worth investing your time. The story is great, the actors are fantastic, and you will definitely feel good in the end. Something we can all use a little of right now.

Now go turn on the TV and start watching. I look forward to hearing your reviews.

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