The Chaos of My Mind Today

My mind is awash in chaos this evening. No real topic or thought is clear enough to coagulate into a coherent topic.

Some of the things circulating through my synapses are the following:

  • Why doesn’t Twitter have an edit button?
  • Why doesn’t Twitter ban the lame duck since he is spreading so many harmful lies and even if challenged in court, he’ll be gone before it makes it anywhere making it a moot point, but could save the country some tragedies between now and January 20?
  • Why isn’t Nancy Pelosi calling Emily Murphy before the House to find out why the transition papers haven’t been signed?
  • Why hasn’t Lindsey Graham resigned in shame for contacting the Georgia Secretary of State to throw out votes?
  • Why does the press keep calling what the lame duck is doing “disinformation” instead of being blunt and saying he is spreading bald-face lies?
  • Why does the press think it has lend oxygen to every tweet and drama the lame duck is using to stoke fear and mistrust?
  • How is it still a stigma to seek mental health assistance?
  • Why do they keep saying out institutions are failing us when it is actually the leaders of the institutions who are failing us?
  • What has happened to in-depth deep dive investigative journalism?
  • How did we get to the point where we’ve forgotten how to take care of one another?
  • How did we get to the point where we have forgotten what unites us?
  • Does using hyphenated labels, such as Gay-American, African-American, Hungarian-American increase dis-unity?
  • Why does it seem educators, parents, and businesses don’t seem to care about grammar and spelling anymore?
  • Why in the world do we still have Daylight Saving Time?
  • How come our country doesn’t dream big and have an almost unattainable vision for the future to raise our expectations and efforts?
  • Why don’t most low-income whites recognize their plight is similar to people of color in terms of economic realities to join as one in voting for people who will actually improve their qualities of life?
  • When did a quick swat on the bottom become child abuse?
  • Why don’t all eligible voters vote?
  • How can Evangelical Christians continue to call themselves Christian while supporting a philanderer, liar, bully, racist, child-abuser, etc.?
  • How did we get off track about facts, and over use of what-aboutisms and both side-isms?
  • Why isn’t civics and government taught diligently from the first day of entering school?
  • When did the arts fall out of favor in schools?
  • Are we going to make it as a country, or fall like the Greek, Roman, and British empires?
  • Why did we stop allowing other adults help get our children back on track?
  • When did it become more important to be the friend of our children, rather than the parent of our children?
  • Why can’t I find that puzzle piece?
  • And on, and on, and on…

Does your mind do this too? What are some of the pressing, and not so pressing, questions banging around in your head?

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