Books and the Bible

This evening as I was unpacking the final boxes of books from our move, I came across my very first Bible. It is a small red Bible that was just the right size for my smaller hands at the time I received it.

When I opened it, along with a flood of memories from the many meetings and many kind-hearted good people who helped shaped the younger me, I saw where I had written my name. My mom’s name was also on the inside cover. I’m not sure which of us wrote it there, but it was a touching moment to see it regardless.

The morning, afternoon, and evening have been tough today. Someone close to me decided they would be mean and vindictive in some of their statements about me, my husband, and another person close to my heart.

Unpacking and touching the books helped to refocus and calm me. As much as I enjoy my e-books and carrying my library with me, there is a comfort in the feel of a book. Just seeing the cover of a book read reminds me of the story of the book. Seeing the cover of a book not yet read brings a feeling of discovery and excitement of the unknown story or knowledge about to be imparted to the reader, me.

It was finding my first Bible, and several others that have been given to me over the years, is what calmed me the most. Seeing our names on the opening pages gave me faith things will get better. Flipping through the pages gave me strength to carry on knowing time passes and this too shall pass.

The day was still hard, the memories of the words spoken still sting deeply, but knowing and feeling the Spirit of God surrounding me today lets me know I can and will make it through to the other side.

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