Black Men and People of Color: Saviors Too

A couple of days ago, I thanked Black women for saving us from tyranny and authoritarian. Another group of much maligned and disrespected people are Black men, Latinas, and other People of Color.

Without their votes in key states, and I’ll say all states, we would not have a President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris. Even as so many people in our country look down upon, harass, and believe them to be less than, they love our country so much they looked beyond that treatment and voted to save us and the country.

I also want to say a humble thank you to those I’ve come to admire from afar, and those who I’ve known, or know, personally.

Thank you to Barack Obama, John Lewis, James Clyburn, Dr. Kendi, Andrew Yang, Principal Kafele, Cory Booker, and LeBron James.

More personally, thank you Richard, Shirley, Jude, Peggy, Rachel, Robyn, Anna, Anthony, Arturo, Bryant, Diana, Dee, Amreen, Bea, Enrique, Alma, Gionna, Mary, and Toni.

Who are the Black men and People of Color who have influenced you?

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