He is “That” Tenant

There is always that one family in the neighborhood or complex who is “that” tenant or neighbor. You know, the one that never mows their grass, picks up the trash in their yard, paints their house, plays loud music at all hours, and argues with one another so loud you get embarrassed just hearing what is coming out of their mouths. It’s the one everyone celebrates when they finally leave one way or the other.

The incumbent is “that” tenant. From the time he entered the White House he has complained about the interior, the water pressure, the toilets, and more. He’s been so loud on the airwaves and we get to hear him spin yarns about how he has done this or done that.

He has overspent going to his own properties to golf and fly around. He has not paid his bills to the cities in which he has held rallies. He has spent more time on social media, watching TV, or calling in for hours long interviews rather than doing the people’s business.

The closer we get to the election, the more he seems hellbent on destroying us. The Department of Justice has become his personal attorneys. The Senate has become his personal roadblock to helping people while giving him free reign. The Secret Service has been some of his best guests and bankroll due to so much of his travel to his own properties. The United States Postal Service has become his personal “quicksand” where mail goes to get lost. The Judiciary has become his personal fixers.

All of those are bad enough, but he also seems to want to make sure as many of us contract COVID-19 as possible as he is evicted from the White House.

There was the super spreader event at the White House, which we still don’t know how many people were infected at the event, or even how some of the people who tested positive are doing as they’ve dropped off the radar. He goes to senior citizen communities while refusing to wear a mask. All over the country he packs as many people as possible into small spaces while not mandating masks, and having people sign agreements that he is not responsible if they contract COVID. All the while he also downplays wearing masks and up-plays that he had it, that he recovered quickly, and that he’s now immune, probably for life according to him. We should all be worried what will most likely happen in about two weeks (we just reached an astounding 83,000 cases in one day), when many of his supporters have spread it to far corners of the country and hospitals become over burdened (think Italy in the spring).

We should all be very concerned with how he will be leaving the People’s House and how he leaves the country. It is as if he is already acting the sore loser and will burn the house down around him to spite us all for not bowing down.

For those of you still supporting him, is this what you want to happen to our country, the country you profess to love? Or are you all in with torching the whole kit and caboodle because if white’s can’t run everything, and blacks and people of color want equity and equality, there won’t be none of that? Just destroy it all so no one has anything?

If so, it just makes no sense because when the lowest among us is lifted up, we are all lifted up.

Please explain because I just don’t understand.

I just don’t understand.

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