Biden: Let Your Volunteers Do Their Thing for You

There are some stories floating around that Biden is hindering his own campaign.

Some of the stories mention he’s not out in public enough, although he is out there, the press are just so infatuated with the current administration (more drama), Biden events are not covered as much.

Other stories, which caught my ear a little more, state how volunteers have been told not to do voter registration drives, not to go door-to-door, not to talk to people face-to-face. The rationale, which is a noble and good one, is to help everyone remain safe and well.

Unfortunately, this is also hurting him as his lead in certain areas, states, has eroded in the past few weeks. We hear a lot about the swing states, but he needs all of the states if he is going to win.

Those volunteering for the other candidate are out there talking up their candidate. They are going door-to-door, holding voter registration drives, and talking to people wherever they can. And, they are doing these things in ways to keep a social distance and wear masks.

Going out and doing the many things a campaign usually does is possible, as long as precautions are taken. By not letting volunteers, who are willing to be in the field, go out and register new voters, ring doorbells, talk to people in their neighborhoods, community centers, or shopping centers, it is indeed hurting Biden’s chances.

Vice President Biden, please don’t fall into a similar trap to Secretary Clinton. Don’t take anything or any vote for granted. You have to earn each and every one of them. And if people don’t know why they should vote for you, if they don’t hear from a person who looks and sounds like themselves, who aren’t registered to vote, you will not win.

We are now at a time where you losing is not an option and you must win in a landslide. You must let people do what they themselves are willing to do to save our Republic. Volunteers want to be of service because they believe in their candidate, you!

Provide guidelines to follow. Then let them go and do what they do best. They want to help you win, and win big.

Let them.

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