Shame on Main Stream Media (Again)

Main Stream Media (MSM) continues to be complicit in spreading and amplifying the lies and crazy ideas put forth by the current man in the Oval Office.

For some reason, MSM seem to want to repeat, ad nauseam, every single thing he says that makes no sense at all. I’m pretty sure they do it as a, “Gotcha again! You are being crazy or lying per usual!” Unfortunately, the joke is on them, because all his followers hear are the “great” words of this man, not the fact check provided, nor the insane way he talks about things. His followers just hear the exalted one speaking and believe what HE is saying, not what MSM would like them to hear.

Whether it be about Harris’ legitimacy to run for Vice President, asinine medical advice, mispronunciations of words, or weather predictions, MSM repeats, repeats, repeats it on every single one of their shows.

If MSM would stop repeating these immature red herring prattles, they would die away because they’d get no air, there wouldn’t be a place for them to exist in being.

Each time MSM treats these non-newsworthy statements from propaganda pressers and tweets, it means they aren’t telling us what we really need to hear.

What we, the public want to hear, ought to hear, must hear, need to hear are what this administration is doing in the darkness in which MSM doesn’t seem capable, willing, or are negligent of shining a light upon.

We want to hear about how the Postmaster General is dismantling the postal service in order to inhibit voting by mail for the general election.

We want to hear about how the U.S. Attorney General has inserted himself into cases in which friends of this administration are begin tried.

We want to hear about how the EPA is rolling back regulations left and right that affect the air we breath and the water we drink.

We want to hear about how the U.S. Department of Education is pushing schools to open while providing no useful advice or support.

We want to hear about the finances of this administration and family members’ relationship with Deutsche Bank.

We want to hear why certain Senators, House Members and the man in the Oval Office are undermining this election with the support of the Kremlin.

We want to know what is happening with police reform around the country in terms of their treatment of people of color.

We want to know the status of the separated children and families in cages for the simple act of seeking asylum.

These, and so many many other stories, are what we want to hear more about. We want and need to know you have the back of the American people and demonstrate you are working hard to uphold our democracy, our Republic.

Each time you carry and repeat a lie, a slander, a bombastic rant from the man in the Oval Office, you are letting him get away with tearing our way of life, our liberties, our happiness, our Republic asunder. Please stop doing that and give us the investigative stories about what counts as we know you can. We believe in you.

Now, just as we want the man in the Oval Office and Congress to do their jobs, we also want and expect you to do your jobs.

Do better! Do better now!

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