Everyday I sit and scroll through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is usually pretty neutral in the posts I see. Facebook can be a mix of sad, good, funny, along with a mix of politics with some people I’ve always thought of as being smart still backing the man in the Oval Office to my full and utter disbelief. Twitter is also a mix, but much more political (left and right, and everything in between), which is why I spend more time there.

However, I’m getting pretty tired, very frustrated, and often angry at our political leaders and media. One can plainly see the media is complicit and less journalistic, and more biased in their stories. One can see even more how often politicians are all talk and no action. They write a good fight, but don’t actually put up a good fight. That is the most frustrating and angering of it all. They talk a lot, but do very little.

“Read my full statement.” “I support.” “It’s un-American and unacceptable.” “It is a dangerous abuse of the federal government’s law enforcement authority.” Blah, blah, BLAH!

Stop with the strongly worded statements and DO SOMETHING!

Tell us you have introduced legislation! Tell us you have cut off the purse strings to agencies! Tell us you have subpoenaed directors, officers, ambassadors, cabinet members, members of the House or the Senate to testify about abuses of power and unlawful acts, they will testify within the next two days, and we will have the person arrested if they refuse to show! Actually stand on the street with the peaceful protesters as an act of solidarity! Actually conduct a sit in with peaceful protesters! Show us you meeting with the leaders of protesters, then introduce legislation to help the country make necessary shifts and changes! Show us you are meeting with leaders of peaceful protests to discuss how to do so safely to ensure the trumpists don’t get their sound bites and video bites to use against peaceful and lawful protests.

Stop with the strongly worded statements and DO SOMETHING!

Show us you really, truly, firmly believe what is happening in our country’s march towards a totalitarian and authoritarian rule is not okay.

Words and platitudes are just dandy during the best of times. But in the worst of times, actions have, and always will, speak louder than words.



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