Just One Thing

Lately I have felt very lazy. There are always projects needed when one owns their own home. They are never ending.

However, usually I’m pretty good at keeping up with what is needed. Lately though I think about each thing needing to be done, but have no motivation to work on them. I’d rather sit and catch-up on Facebook, get mad reading through Twitter, take a nap, or just read. Meanwhile, the project monkey keeps weighing on me.

Yesterday I decided enough was enough. I wondered how to get myself on the motivation train and start working the current list down. A list is always good, but I tend to always add to it, so the list never goes away. Then it hit me, do just one thing a day.

This morning before work, in my little me time on the patio, I created my just one thing check list. I know I can do at least one thing on this check list every day. I’ll take the weight of the projects off my back, and allow me to move forward even if just by one step.

This afternoon, after work, I started to do what I’ve been doing for several weeks now. I sat down on the patio and opened my social media up. As I scrolled through the posts, I was pulled to do just my own thing to check a circle, have it move to the bottom, and essentially disappear.

I looked through the list to see what was most pertinent, got up off the patio, and went to work. Lo and behold, I actually finished three things on the list. There are still many projects to tackle, but three of them are now gone. Hurray!

By giving myself permission to do just one thing, knowing I’ll do one more thing the next day, and more thing the day after, and the day after, I will eventually get all things finished.

Just in time to create a new one. But, c’est la vie…that’s life.

For today and the next many days though, I’ll bask in the accomplishment of my one thing.

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