Fourth Bed has Arrived

Last week a box arrived in the mail. It looked just like a box my raised beds had come in. So, for some reason, my COVID-19 brain interpreted that to mean the raised bed lost in shipment had magically arrived. It did not enter my mind it was something else I had ordered.

Since I was excited it had found its way here, I went so far as to go to Menard’s. I bought the soil and a bunch of tomatoes and peppers to add to it since I now had space. Imagine my shock and surprise to open the box. Talk about cognitive dissonance. It was like, “Oh crap!” I had laugh at myself for not checking before buying the dirt. Then I was mad at myself because here I stood with bags of dirt around me and the plants eagerly awaiting their spot in the garden.

There was nothing left to do but to order another raised bed. It was easier than lugging 10 bags of soil, peat moss, and manure, plus the plants back to the store. Of course, when I went to order from my original supplier, they were out-of-stock. I went to my back-up place, also out-of-stock, even Amazon was out-of-stock. Panicking, I started opening any supplier that had the exact bed I needed (had to match my other three), and finally found a place that had some in stock. Order was placed immediately.

The bed arrived today. With the weather back to being cool and threatening to rain, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get it together and plant.

Well, I did get it together, but only after mowing—grass was so high it had to be cut today before rain expected everyday starting Saturday starts. The soil has been added, and it was very pretty. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to add the peppers and tomatoes, but I did get to reseed a couple of the other beds. The polar vortex a couple of weeks ago took its toll on what had already sprouted, although the corn and a jalapeño pepper plant are all coming back.

Luckily, the pepper and tomato plants seem to be doing okay in their pots from the store. They have been very patient with their current plight. I’m sure they will be very happy to be able to stretch their roots when I plant them tomorrow.

On a separate, but couple of related notes, the leftover sod I’ve been culling from around the neighborhood seems to have taken. It was going to seed today when I mowed and is starting to blend in with the rest of the grass.

There was also a pleasant surprise in the front flower garden. When I went for my morning walk to stretch my legs, there was nothing new as I keep waiting for the lily’s to bloom. However, after getting back to the house after taking the dog on her lunchtime walk, I noticed some new blooms. It was a very pleasant surprise. I’d forgotten I had planted some irises (one of my favorite flowers), and two had bloomed with many more in the wings just about to burst forth themselves.

It was a good day for gardens.

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