Off to the Wild Unknown

Tomorrow I make first trek away from home base in over two months. I’m both wildly excited to see some new scenery and stimulation, and wildly anxious about being out of my safe zone for the day.

Where am I going you might ask? I’m taking a road trip to Ohio to bring some things to my mom. I’ll be leaving early in the morning so I can hit the Costco in Columbus just as it opens. My hope is that by being there first thing in the morning they will be well stocked with the necessities. After I pick up her wish list, I’ll head down to her house after filling up the gas tank.

Once I get to her house, the unloading will be the tricky part. I’m leery of going in her house since I will have been around so many people by that time. She’s in the age range where I really don’t want to get her sick. I’ll have my mask, my hand sanitizer and my Clorox wipes. Which reminds me for some reason, I need to remember to take all of the puzzles I’ve been saving for her.

After things are put away, and weather cooperating, we can sit outside for a bit on her deck, practicing social distancing, and catch up face-to-face without having to wear a mask. I’m bringing my own lawn chair so I can sit and relax. It will be hard, but I will maintain my distance.

It will be hard to say good-bye amidst all the chaos, shelter-in-place, and social distancing, but will need to do so at some point. I don’t like driving at night when there are deer about, so I’ll have to leave at a reasonable hour not to be on the road at dusk.

One of the silver linings of the travel though will be nine hours of solace. As an introvert, it has been hard not to be able to recharge fully these past two months (I have a blog post brewing in my mind about the effects coming soon). The day will be a two-fer. I’ll get to see my mom and be able to recharge at the same time.

Hopefully there will be no anxiety or panic attacks if someone tries to get too near me.🤷🏼‍♂️

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