Grandson Update

As you all know, my grandson had to be hospitalized two weeks ago. Here is an update on his current condition.

He is still critical and stable. There was a build-up of mucus they had to drain as it was accumulating in his lungs.

His doctor says it is highly likely there won’t be any long term effects once he heals. However, he will need to have his heart checked until he is an adult just to be safe. As of right now, he should be able to live a “normal” life.

It is still day-to-day, with both good and bad. They just discovered they accidentally damaged a lymph node, which affects his ability to take mother’s milk at the moment.

Overall he is getting better, albeit much slower than expected. His chest is healing very nicely. It is expected he’ll be in the hospital for about three more weeks.

His parents are doing well, supporting one another, and making sure to keep themselves healthy too.

They, as do we, appreciate all the love and prayers coming their way. I’ll update again as we know more.

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